This is the perfect package for someone that needs style help and doesn’t know where to start!

Before our shopping trip I take into consideration your proportions, body shape and style identity and help you find and outfit (or selection of pieces) that will make you look and feel amazing!

You may be looking for an outfit for a special occasion, interview, or just a top-up to your wardrobe. It’s all about getting the best possible help and ideas for you to step out in your personal Style!

Yes you may be coaxed to try new ideas but that’s the fun of the ‘Style & Shop’.

At the end you will own pieces you will love and wear again and again!


You will also own your ‘Style File’ and protective wallet, to keep with you every time you shop in the future!


(2 hours)

Style, Click & Collect+

Pamper red shopping bags

Do you have a special occasion or interview to attend but don’t have the time to search or physically shop for it? Use this service!

Not only will I send you a personalised ‘digital moodboard’ to suit your shape and style, but you can order these ideas into the Click & Collect+ in Meadowhall in time for your private hour long styling session with me in my Styling Suite, located beside Collect+.


The brilliant thing about Collect+ is you can order pieces you’ve been looking at yourself online (any brand that utilises Collect+ service) but want a guided, professional opinion! (You can also bring along pieces you already own to be re-styled, keeping your style ‘sustainable’)

This can also be done as a Virtual Appointment via Zoom/Teams

If you need to understand your personal colours, book a separate ‘Colour Analysis’ session.


 (1 hour)


Have you ever bought something and then as you wear it you don’t feel right in it? It’s probably because the colour isn’t complimenting your natural complexion.

Have you ever wondered what your best colours are? You are in the best hands when it comes to this!

I help find your true colours that will flatter you and make you look and feel your absolute best!

I have 15 years experience in ‘colour anaylsing’  and Personally Styling clients using my specially-trained eye and set of expertly picked colour drapes.

I’m there to help you show and understand why and how certain colours make you look…wow! It’s always exciting and transformative.

Not only that but with your newfound colour knowledge on yourself, you end up saving money throughout the rest of your life as you will never need to wear the wrong colours again.

If this is exactly what you’re looking for, drop me a message!

(Included is your free ‘Colour fan’)

In the second hour of this session includes a guided shop with your colour fan!


(2 hours)


“Do you have a gal-pal or guy-pal that you want to share an experience with? Use this service!

Utilising my personalised ‘Peter’ questionnaire I gain ideas of both of your ‘style identities’ and pre-pick you pieces in some of the various clothes shops in Meadowhall and surrounding areas.

Taking into account your budget, colouring, body proportions and lifestyle I create looks that you will wear time and time again. Helping you look good and feel good in fashion.

I may also show you new ideas; offering tips and tricks on how to personally style each item that you can utilise for your wardrobe for the future.

You can also bring along items you have NO CLUE what to do with but you still love them. I love this part of a session as we can create many looks inspired from just 1 piece. This is my passion, I’m here to help you!

If you need to understand your personal colours more in-depth, book a separate ‘Colour Analysis’ session.


(3 hours)

If you want anymore information don't hesitate to contact me!

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